Building permit

The building permit is to be requested from the town hall of the town where you are going to build your new house.
To prepare a building permit application, the attached Cerfa 13406-07 form must be used:

  • A declaration of the data required for the calculation of the various taxes
  • A certificate that the technical regulations have been considered
  • A list of attached documents
  • Documents (plans, photos, drawings, etc.)

For swimming pools, a building permit may be required depending on the size of the pool:
If the pool is between 10 and 100 m2: make a prior declaration. If the pool is more than 100 m2: you must obtain a building permit.

The documents to be provided for a building permit are various: plans, photos, 3D projection, etc.
In detail, the deposit must include:

  • Cerfa form n ° 13406 * 06 which contains all the information concerning the applicant and the project.
  • Site plan (PC1): this plan will identify the town planning rules applicable to your project. It must locate the project on your land, and your land in the municipality.
  • Ground plan of the construction to be built or modified (PC2): this is an aerial view of the project. This plan must show the existing buildings on the site as well as those to be erected, existing and future plantations, etc. This plan is dimensioned and must show the connection to the networks.
  • Section plan of the land and the construction (PC3): this plan shows the profile of the land before and after the works. It indicates the exterior volume of buildings and their locations in relation to the profile of the land.
  • Descriptive notice (PC4) presenting the project as a whole, the configuration of the land, the materials and colours planned for the construction.
  • Plan of facades and roofs (PC5): this plan aims to assess the exterior aspect of the construction as well as its heights.

Other documents to provide in addition to these plans are:

  • 3D graphic document of the project in its environment (PC6);
  • Photograph situating the land in its close environment (PC7);

  • Photograph of the terrain in the distant environment (PC8).

Please note: Additional documents to be provided may be requested when the project, for example, is located in a protected area, or near a historic building or in a district governed by the Architects of the Buildings of France (ABF).
You will have to deliver to the town hall:

    4 complete files to the town planning department of your town hall by registered mail with acknowledgment of receipt. You will then be issued a receipt.

  • 5 additional copies of the site plan,

  • 5 additional copies of the ground plan,

  • 5 additional copies of the sectional plan.

Additional copies may be requested if your project is located in a protected area.
The town hall has 2 months to investigate the file. Without any feedback from them within this period, your license is tacitly granted. If your construction project complies with the PLU (Local Urban Planning Plan) rules in force in your municipality and respects the rules of use (dimensions, sanitation, nature, soil, etc.), your building permit is granted. A permit granted is valid for a period of 3 years.

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