Adult under legal guardianship

Safeguarding justice (1-year maximum renewable once) Effects Directly protects the heritage of the individual. Retains the exercise of their rights within the limits of the powers attributed to an agent (art 437 Civil Code). Acts established during the backup can be cancelled in case of injury or reduced in case of excess. But the invalidity […]

Death of a non-british resident in france

Death of a British non-resident in France. What happens next? Application of French or English taxation? In order to open the estate, it is necessary to determine the latest home of the deceased at the time of death. The country where the deceased lived has the right to tax the property of the deceased. The […]

The legal consequences of a marriage on your French property

What are the legal consequences of a marriage on your French property ? The principles applicable to the Property are determined by the following scenarios (i) in the case of divorce, Family law will mainly govern the fate of the Property, and (ii) in the case of death, succession law will apply. The latter will […]

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