Mandate to sell

A handwritten signature of the offer to purchase was not made by the seller but by the agency with a mandate to sell, how valid is the deed? According to article 1341 of the French Civil Code, the creditor has the right to performance of the obligation; the creditor can compel the debtor to do […]

Building permit

The building permit is to be requested from the town hall of the town where you are going to build your new house. To prepare a building permit application, the attached Cerfa 13406-07 form must be used: A declaration of the data required for the calculation of the various taxes A certificate that the technical […]

Property seizure

PROPERTY SEIZURE: A foreclosure can be made following a formal notice or any request for payment. A creditor with an enforceable title may allow the foreclosure of real estate to take place. All of the debtor’s real estate can be seized in order to obtain payment of the amount due. PROCEDURE: The bailiff sends an […]

Second residence Brexit

SECOND HOME: Britons with second homes do not fall under the Withdrawal Agreement, but the future relationship between the European Union and the United Kingdom which is being negotiated. If no agreement comes into effect at the end of the transition period, their situation will be covered by a regulation adopted at European Union level, […]

Buying property during a divorce

Can we purchase a property individually when you are in divorce procedure, married under community of property? Article 1401 of the Civil Code states: “The community actively consists of the acquests made by the spouses together or separately during the marriage (…)”. Any goods acquired by a spouse subject to the community regime is a […]

Buying a property at auction

If you want to buy a property at an auction in France, you need to be represented by a lawyer registered with the bar where the auction is taking place.  This means I can only represent you before the Court of NICE in this specific area of law. In order to participate to the auction […]

The fate of the Property during marriage and in the case of divorce

If you acquire a Property and the deed of sale designates you as the sole owner, so that only any potential personal creditors may be entitled to initiate an action to seize the Property; therefore, excluding your creditors, the only possible way your ownership could be jeopardized is in the case of divorce. Under French […]

What is a “copropriété” ?

What is a copropriété, a co-owned building? When investing in the South of France, you might buy a flat in a building. The flat is in a copropriété – a co owned building, to which each owners is obliged to respect the rules and pay regularly “charges” to participate to the costs generated by the […]

What is a “Compromis de vente” ?

When both parties reach an agreement about the sale of a property, the buyer and the seller sign a deed called a “compromis”. This deed is a preliminary contract to the final deed. It does not need to be done before a notary but we strongly recommend that you do it with legal advice because […]

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