The fate of the Property during marriage and in the case of divorce

If you acquire a Property and the deed of sale designates you as the sole owner, so that only any potential personal creditors may be entitled to initiate an action to seize the Property; therefore, excluding your creditors, the only possible way your ownership could be jeopardized is in the case of divorce. Under French […]

What is a “copropriété” ?

What is a copropriété, a co-owned building? When investing in the South of France, you might buy a flat in a building. The flat is in a copropriété – a co owned building, to which each owners is obliged to respect the rules and pay regularly “charges” to participate to the costs generated by the […]

What is a “Compromis de vente” ?

When both parties reach an agreement about the sale of a property, the buyer and the seller sign a deed called a “compromis”. This deed is a preliminary contract to the final deed.   It does not need to be done before a notary but we strongly recommend that you do it with legal advice […]

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