The legal analysis of the COVID-19 regulations in France

To face all concerns raised by the current lockdown in France against coronavirus said COVID-19, we are all working to follow up on the latest governmental updates regarding the lockdown rules adopted by the French government.

By Ordonnance dated 15 April 2020, the French government has clarified the suspension order dated 25 March 2020 n° 2020-306 in modifying article 2 so that it now states :

This article is not applicable to the periods of reflection, withdrawal or renunciation provided for by law or the regulations, nor to the periods provided for the reimbursement of sums of money in the event of exercise of these rights.”

This Ordonnance dated 15 April 2020 also clarifies the situation of the timeframe for any preemption period. It also addresses  the payment of any debts that was due during this national crisis.

Different rules are now applying to your contract.

Legal help during the cover-19 crisis in France will be provided by our firm.

We are doing our best to keep ourselves updates with the current legal changes and will make sure we provide you the nest recommendations under the current understanding of the laws.

Please bear in mind that only emergency procedures are currently being dealt by judges.

Courts are opening up again to the public but you will need a reason to go in.

Hearings are not taking place except for specific ones at the moment because of COVID-19.

If you have a hearing scheduled, you should contact your lawyer to know whether it is maintained.

Courts and lawyers are doing their best to get the necessary kits to protect any citizen who would need to go to Court.

For any information, please feel free to contact us by email or by phone #stayhomestaysafe #COVID-19

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